Respect and Discipline

Keep Learning , Keep Improving


Bushido MMA and BJJ is a gym unlike any other. We push our members to be the best versions of themselves, even if they improve 1% a day. It doesn`t matter whether you`re training to become a grappler, striker, fitness fanatic or a parent that wants their child to learn a valuable life skill.

We offer services such as Kids Classes from grass roots(6yrs – 12yrs), Jiu Jitsu , Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay thai, No GI grappling, MMA, yoga and H.I.I.T Fitness.

We train the average person to their full potential, as well as training any individual wanted to be a competitive athlete in their chosen martial art . The Training also caters to self-defense primarily in order for the individual to protect themselves.


Classes We Offer


Adult Classes


Kids classes (6yrs+)


Ladies only classes (taught by a lady)

We are a family. It`s that simple

There are no egos in Bushido, no one thinks they are better than anyone else regardless if you`re a fresh martial artist or one that has been training for years. We support each other.

Everyone is treated with the same respect that you would give to your one of your family members.

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